1. What are your Top 5 films of the post-Martial Law era (1981-present)?
2. In your opinion, is the Philippine Cinema dying? Why or why not?

3. What do you tink is the main problem of thelocal film industry today?

Mae | 19 | UP Diliman, Anthropology

1. "Himala," "Relasyon," "Pare Ko," "Miguel/Michelle," "Dekada '70"

2. Nope
3. uneducated viewers that filmmakers constantly adjust to
Ethel | 19 | UP Diliman, Economics

1.' di ako ganun ka-exposed sa Pinoy films e.

2. Yes, it is dying. It has lost its necessity in people's lives and has ceased in going beyond its job to entertain.
3. profit motive
Nix | 18 | UP Diliman, Economics

1. "Jose Rizal," "Muro-Ami," "Mano Po," "Dekada '70," "Bata Bata Paano ka Ginawa?"

2. Yes, because of lots of factors, one being economic.
3. lack of quality
Pauline | 17 | UP Diliman, Civil Engineering

1. "Tanging Ina," "Tanging Yaman," "Mano Po," "Bagong Buwan," "Got 2 Believe"

2. Yes, kasi mas pinapanood ng mga tao ung foreign films
3. Kulang sa kalidad tsaka mentality ng mga Pinoy na laging mas maganda mga foreign films kaya di masyado pinapanood mga movies natin. Tapos ang daming producers na nag-aaksaya ng pera sa bold films e pwede naman silang gumawa ng mas matinong movies.
Val | 19 | UP Diliman, Visual Communication

Capitalism makes movies suffer, tsaka lack of innovation. Gasgas na ang skin flicks!


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