1. What are your Top 5 films of the post-Martial Law era (1981-present)?
2. In your opinion, is the Philippine Cinema dying? Why or why not?

3. What do you tink is the main problem of thelocal film industry today?

Jewel | 19 | UP Diliman, Broadcast Communication

1. "Dekada '70," "Jose Rizal," "Magic Temple," "Bagong Buwan," "Muro-ami"

2. No. Although it is in a down stage, attempts are visible to introduce and prepare the Filipino audience for unconventional films as alternative for the traditional, almost nonsense movies that have been patronized for decades. What I can see is a growing resistance which, is a posititve sign of life for the industry.
3. The problem is a passive audience that have been conditioned to accept movies (that are) too shallow, that do not require scrutiny and deep thinking.
Deneb | 19 | UP Diliman, Journalism

1. "Mulanay," "Sister Stella L.," "Cain at Abel"

2. Yes, I think. Most of the local producers produce only films that sell to the mass media but doesn't have any ethics naman. Sobrang babaw na.
3. I think ang rpoblem ay sa viewers. Dapat mai-educate silang mabuti.
Jam | 19 | DLSU, Human Biology

1. "Mano Po," "Bata Bata Paano Ka Ginawa?," "Muro-ami," "Jologs," "Anak,"

2. No. Mahirap lang talaga (ang) buhay kaya mas uso (ang) sexy movies--easy income kasi since sex is a major influence in people's lives. Hindi yung film industry ang dying kundi yung culture natin back then.
3. Lack of resources--money, ideas (kaya maraming imitation o kaya mula sa tv series/sitcoms), up-to-date equipments, etc...
Bebs | UP Diliman, Film and Audio-Visual Communication

1. "Imortal," "Ganito Kami Noon Paano Kayo Ngayon," "Jologs," "Minsan Minahal Kita," "Bayaning 3rd World"

2. Yes, kasi puro gaya sa Hollywood. Dapat original. Di naman kailangang socially relevant ang movie to make it a good one e.

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